Steps to install a skirting board

One of the most important aspects of floor designs and finishing is installing a base board and providing a sleek look to your house. Engineers and architects have invented new and innovative ways to install baseboards for the purpose of hiding the base. These ways not only help us install the skirting board but also enable us to use its various innovations. Some methods of installing a base mold have been listed below. But before enunciating these methods the preliminary step is to take measurements and cut the board accordingly.

  1. Taking Measurements and cutting the board:
  2. The most important objective while installing a skirting board is to make accurate measurements and then cutting the board according to these measurements. The tools to be used in this regard are:

    • A measuring tape
    • A handsaw
    • Coping saw for refining edges at junctions
    • Nail gun

    Once the measurements have been taken and the board has been cut we can follow these steps:

  3. Method No 1:
  4. This method provides a more reliable method of attaching baseboards to the lower end of the wall. In this method we use a nails which are simply inserted in the wooden skirting board and then struck into the wall. This method proves to very reliable but on the dark side it can inflict some damages on the skirting board if the workmanship is not highly trained. Moreover, this method also does not provide an aesthetic look to our house. However, we have solutions available to hide the nails so that they may merge within the board and provide a pleasent look on the outside.

  5. Method No 2:
  6. The second method and rather the simplest one is simply gluing the wooden or plastic board to the lower end of the walls and in this way the base board can be easily attached. This is a simple method yet it proves to be very effective and cheap.